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Warneet boating precinct

The Warneet Boating Precinct Plan continues to progress, to provide a clear vision for future boating facilities at Warneet.

We released the Warneet Boating Precinct Plan in late 2021, with concept plans for upgrades to boating and local port assets.

In early 2022, BBV opened a tender process to begin drawing up detailed designs and plan the required approvals to take the next steps toward construction.

BBV has now commissioned engineers to draw up detailed designs. The designs should be available for public release in late 2022.

Warneet’s jetties and boating assets like ramps, carparks and pontoons are complex and managed by several different organisations.

The local facilities provide access to Rutherford Inlet and Western Port – situated across Warneet North and South. With multiple managers of the area, a highly coordinated approach is required.

Two rounds of community consultation confirmed the key priorities initially identified by the local community and informed the development of the Warneet Boating Precinct Plan.

Feedback during both consultation rounds included replacing ageing jetties at the north and south sites, new public toilet facilities and an upgraded boat ramp and car park at Warneet South. The final plan outlined concept designs addressing these and other infrastructure priorities.

Click here to view the final concept for Warneet north

Click here to view the final concept for Warneet south

Click here to view the final concept for Warneet car park

The steps identified in the plan include developing detailed designs and approvals for upgrades. BBV will progress these alongside other responsible authorities, including Parks Victoria, Warneet Foreshore Committee of Management, Casey City Council, the Department of Transport, and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

The plan comes as the Government continues making boating more accessible for all Victorians with its $33 million Better Boating Fund – a promise at the 2018 election to ensure all money from licence fees and recreational vessel registrations is reinvested into boating infrastructure and programs.

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