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Cowes Jetty

Works on the $1.4 million upgrade to Cowes Jetty have started and will vastly improve accessibility and reinstate emergency vehicle access on the jetty, which was originally built in 1870.

Contractors have started pile repair works and offsite fabrication of steel crosshead support beams is underway. Crews have also started work on the northern low landing to improve low tide access for the ferry and other vessels.

A new handrail is being installed on the eastern side of the pier, and the jetty walkway will be upgraded with new asphalt.

Once complete, the pier work will allow easier access to the jetty for emergency vehicles. When the steel crosshead support beams are installed, the stronger jetty will allow for a higher load capacity for vehicles.

The Jetty has remained open throughout most of the works, as many of the improvements are focused on strengthening underneath the jetty.

Fishing, walking, and boating from the jetty will continue, along with the available Ferry services. Work on the jetty is on track to be completed in December 2020.

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