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Cowes Jetty

Works on the $1.4 million upgrade to Cowes Jetty have been completed.

The works have improved accessibility and reinstated emergency vehicle access on the jetty, which was originally built in 1870.

Better Boating Victoria funded the project, with Parks Victoria and the Department of Transport managing the works.

The upgrades included:

  • Strengthened jetty cross heads to increase load capacity.
  • Upgraded lights to solar lighting.
  • Replaced hand railing along western side and renewed capping along both sides of jetty.
  • Repairs to concrete support piles (above water).
  • Asphalt renewal along the jetty walkway.
  • Lowered northern low-landing, allowing better low tide access.
  • Upgrades to the eastern and southern lower landings hand railing, fenders and walers.
  • Replacement of jetty head beams, decking, capping, handrails and lighting.

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