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Point Richards – Stage 2

The Point Richards boating facility is getting an upgrade thanks to the State Government’s unprecedented investment in boating in Victoria. 

Project update: May, 2022

Work is underway on stage two of a major boating upgrade at Point Richards.

Construction began on May 16, with crews setting up on site and earthworks beginning to construct a new rock groyne.

The boat ramp will be closed for the duration of works for public safety reasons and site fencing will be established to form a compound for construction machinery and materials to be delivered.

The rock groyne will be constructed in full length, beginning with placement of core rock to create the groyne foundation.

We’ll continue to provide project updates here as the project continues. Click here to find out more about the project.

Image: Bellarine Bayside

Point Richards is located on the Bellarine Peninsula and is popular with boaters and fishers who want to access the wonderful recreational opportunities in Port Phillip. 

Better Boating Victoria is overseeing the government’s boating commitments and will work with Bellarine Bayside Coastal Management, local community groups, local residents and the boating community to upgrade the Point Richards boating facility. 

Stage 1 of the upgrade was completed in late August 2021. BBV worked closely with the Bellarine Bayside Foreshore Committee of Management to upgrade the car park and add 50 car & trailer parking spaces. This will improve traffic flow around the busy ramp and provide increased formalised parking.  

As part of Stage 2 works, a rock groyne will be constructed to the west of the ramp. Delivered in partnership with Bellarine Bayside, the rock groyne has been designed to decrease the amount of sea grass build-up at the boat ramps and closure to ramp lanes.

The design works to marine side infrastructure are progressing, based on the results of a coastal processes study undertaken to better understand the issues associated with the seagrass build up currently impacting the ramp. A summary of this study and the proposed concept can be viewed HERE.  

Extensive consultation with community members and local user groups has been undertaken, including numerous Bellarine-based fishing and boating clubs Portarlington Community Association, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, and City of Greater Geelong. 

  • Construction for Stage 2 works began in May 2022, timed to occur outside the peak boating season to limit disruption to boaters. Construction is estimated to take between 12 and 14 weeks. 
  • Due to safety risks, there is a requirement for the closure of the boat ramp during construction works. However, BBV and Bellarine Bayside will work with the appointed contractor to determine if access can be provided at times.  We will continue to update boaters and the local community on any specific impacts to access at the ramp as the project progresses

The new rock groyne will require the update of the existing boating channel and navigation markers. A change to waterway notice has been released by Parks Victoria which identifies the new channel alignment, post construction. This can be viewed here. 

Downloads: To find out where things are at, just download our update flyers below. 

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