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Avalon Beach

Better boating facilities are coming to Avalon Beach as part of the Government’s investment in improving boating in Victoria.

Concept designs were commissioned in April to explore potential improvements to boating facilities and car parking.

Avalon Beach is a two-lane ramp on the northern side of Corio Bay.

Recently, one of the ramps was cracked and has been identified as needing replacement.

Further examination of the facility showed that it has about 30 car and trailer parks, with space to potentially add more.

The existing jetty has been identified as requiring improvements to boost functionality.

The ramp is located close to the Moolap rocky reef module deployed by the Victorian Fisheries Authority.

Project Name

Avalon Beach boat ramp


Avalon Beach, Victoria


  • Explore additional parking options
  • Repair boat ramp surface
  • Potential improvements to jetties


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