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Werribee South

Concept plans have been finalised for an upgrade to Werribee South boat ramp, one of the busiest in the Port Phillip network.

Click here to view the final concept.

The six-lane Werribee South ramp services the large boating population on the western side of Melbourne and provides access to Port Phillip and Corio Bay.

The proposed upgrade will add a ramp lane, extend and realign pontoons, install an additional pontoon, modify the existing jetty and floating pontoon to include provision for all abilities access and improvements within carparking to improve traffic flow.

A concept plan for the proposed upgrade of the facility has been developed by experienced independent coastal engineers from BMT with advice and input from key management agencies, local government organisations and key user groups including local recreational fishers.

The proposed upgrade at Werribee is expected to improve the functionality of the facility and address congestion, particularly during peak periods.

Recreational boaters, fishers and members of the broader community provided feedback on the concept late in 2021. COVID restrictions at the time meant consultation was restricted to online only.

Feedback received through this process broadly supported the concept however a reduction in the number of lanes from 8 to 7 was supported in favour of retaining the concrete abutments at the end of the existing jetties.

Click here to view a report card summarising the feedback.

Feedback also requested a wider turning circle for vehicles returning to the ramp to retrieve vessels and signage to assist in managing traffic within the facility.

Key features of the upgrade include

  • Increasing the number of ramps to 7 to improve efficiency and speed of vessel launch and retrieval
  • Extending and realigning the existing pontoons and increasing the number from 4 to 5 to enable greater temporary berthing capacity
  • Provision of all abilities access by modifying the existing fixed jetty and floating pontoon adjacent to the ramp
  • Realignment of car parking arrangements to create more rigging and tie down space away from the main ramps
  • Move and reintroduce the U-turn to the front of the vehicle queue to enable quicker retrieval of vessels
  • Create an additional entry lane from Beach Road and an additional (3 total) waiting lanes to increase capacity and reduce queuing back to Beach Rd

Parking capacity continues to be an issue during peak periods. The proximity of environmentally significant wetlands and vegetation surrounding the facility restrict any expansion of the existing site footprint. However Better Boating Victoria will explore future overflow parking options offsite.

Now the concept has been finalised, Better Boating Victoria will move to the next stage which includes obtaining approvals and converting the concept design into tender and construction ready plans.

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