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Cape Conran

Better boating facilities are on the way for far East Gippsland, with concept designs drafted for future upgrades to the boat ramp and jetty at Cape Conran.

FSC Range was commissioned to provide design options for an extended ramp and longer jetty as part of the upgrade, to facilitate quicker and safer launch and retrieval.

These concepts have been presented to the community through extensive consultation, with a final concept chosen. This will now be progressed for detailed design.

Click here and here to view the final designs of the concept.

We tested the concept designs with the community in May 2021. Click the following link  to view summary of the feedback: Survey Report Card – Cape Conran

The designs consider how to best combat the build-up of sand and seagrass at the site, to reduce the frequency of maintenance and make it easier to use the ramp.

We’ll release the detailed designs for the ramp when they become available.

An artist’s impression of upgrades to Cape Conran boating facilities.

Project Name

Cape Conran boat ramp upgrade


Cape Conran, Gippsland


  • Make it easier to launch and retrieve at the ramp
  • Provide an extended ramp and longer jetty
  • Combat excessive sand build up


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