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Southern Port Phillip Bay Boating Trail

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Boating Trail Features

Scuba Diving
Family Fun

If you want a ‘wild/unique’ day out on the water where you can, come face to face with some of the bay’s most charismatic marine mammals, discover Melbourne’s maritime history; and explore islands teaming with wildlife then this is the boating trail for you.

Launch from Queenscliff or Sorrento and head to the historic fort structure of Popes Eye (just 5km from Portsea). Drop safe anchor at this horseshoe-shaped landmark, which is a private oasis for snorkelling or scuba diving amidst a vibrant reef.

Novices or pros can flipper in the glittering blue amid schools of fish, octopus, sponge and seastars. Play with the friendly and inquisitive fur seals, and see the nesting ground for Australia’s largest diving sea bird, the Australasian Gannet.

For a sheltered lunch spot, head over to Mud Islands – where there are courtesy moorings at the southeast corner. Here you can swim to shore, picnic, stretch your legs and bird watch.

Wind your way two nautical miles to South Channel Fort – to discover maritime history from the 1880s. Then make your way back to Queenscliff or Sorrento’s many eateries.

Please check Boating Vic for ramp launching information and weather conditions. Stay safe with these trip preparation guidelines from Maritime Safety Victoria. When operating in Port Phillip and Western Port here’s how to steer clear of ships and boat safely in the bay. For information on public berthing’s and mooring check Parks Vic.