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Victorian Boating Facility Maintenance and Design Guidelines

Better Boating Victoria has developed two sets of guidelines to help asset managers design and maintain the state’s public boating facilities.

The Victorian Boating Facility Maintenance and Design Guidelines have been formulated in conjunction with public boating facility managers.

The Design Guidelines were released in January 2022, while the Maintenance Guidelines were released in June 2022.

The documents provide state-wide reference tools to assist public boating facility managers in the design and maintenance of boating facilities across Victoria.

The Victorian Boating Facility Design Guidelines identify the key design aspects that must be considered when planning and designing a boating facility.

They provide technical and operational advice that best assists the functional design and layout of the boat ramp or facility, and provides advice throughout the various stages of design, implementation and construction.

They ensure boat ramp designs will meet safety and functionality standards.

The Victorian Boating Facility Maintenance Guidelines have been prepared based on a review of the existing maintenance standards and practices for boating facilities across Australia. Importantly, the guidelines have been prepared to be specific to Victorian conditions, rather than taking a general approach in their development.

The guidelines provide advice to public boating facility managers and maintenance personnel on how to schedule and conduct maintenance, inspections and repairs to ensure their boating facilities remain functional and safe for users. These guidelines do not however replace advice provided by professionals.

It is intended that both sets of guidelines will be reviewed every few years, to ensure they remain up to date and relevant for use.

Click here to view both documents.

Upgrade construction being undertaken at Queenscliff boat ramp, as viewed from a drone photo.

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