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The Final Concept Design For the Queenscliff Boating Facility Upgrade is Ready

The concept has been finalised based on consultation with boat ramp users and the community and proposes to improve the ramp by providing the following key aspects

  • Widening existing boat ramp lanes
  • Adding an additional boat ramp lane
  • New wider pontoons
  • New non-powered watercraft launching facility
  • Dedicated rigging lane and improved traffic flows
  • Additional formalised car-trailer unit parking
  • Improved boat engine flush facility
  • Improved pedestrian access
  • Webcam to view ramp and car park

To see the final concept design, simply download it here.


Queenscliff boating facility is one of six facilities the government committed to upgrade as part of its unprecedented investment in boating in Victoria.

As part of the upgrade process, we developed and tested two concept designs with the public during a consultation held between 30 October and 9 December 2019. We received significant feedback and used it to inform the final design concept that the boating and fishing community and Borough of Queenscliffe support.

To read the full consultation report, simply download it here.

Next steps:

We will be working with the Borough of Queenscliff to progress a detailed design and secure the necessary approvals throughout the rest of 2020.
At this stage, we’re aiming to begin construction next year in the off-peak boating season between May and October 2021.
We will provide updates on the progress of this upgrade as it becomes available.
Further information:

Got questions? You’ll find more information here.

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