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Progress at Hastings boat ramp

After an initial setback with the cofferdam wall,  progress continues to be made at Hastings boat ramp works.

Hastings Boat Ramp Formwork rebuild October 2020

Recent activities include the completion of works to reinstall the temporary formwork, completion of pre-cast concrete panels (16 in total) in preparation for placement at the base of the ramp and concrete structural member construction.

Boaters can look forward to better access to Western Port thanks to the $1.6m upgrade, which will feature a longer ramp and a connecting walkway between the new boat ramp and the floating pontoon.

Construction of the new boat ramp is expected to be completed in early November in time for the boating season.

For more information on the Hastings boat ramp project, please visit the Mornington Peninsula Shire website.

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