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Parking upgrades coming to Altona boat ramp

Boaters and local residents in Melbourne’s west are set to benefit from reduced congestion at one of the city’s busiest boat launching destinations located in Altona.

Thanks to the government’s commitment to improving boating across Victoria, $100,000 has been provided to develop concept designs that will increase car and trailer parking and improve functionality and congestion at the Altona facility.

A detailed analysis will be undertaken to understand how to best upgrade the parking area, including site investigations, and reviewing local traffic and boat launching data.

The concept plans will include options for more parking spaces for cars and boat trailers, improvements to the layout, new car park lighting and signage.

The plans to improve the car and boat trailer parking area will be easier to use and will give boaters improved functionality and reduced congestion in the area, particularly during peak boating season.

This will result in reduced wait times for boaters to launch and retrieve vessels and allow boaters to get out on the water faster.

The project is funded by Better Boating Victoria and will be delivered by Hobson’s City Bay Council.

Concept plans and design options are expected to be finalised in mid – 2021.

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