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Get Involved in shaping Victoria’s first recreational boating strategy

We know boaters want better facilities and access, less congestion, better facility management, and transparency of funding used for facilities.

That’s why we are developing a Victorian Recreational Boating Strategy that will address long-standing issues in this sector and underpin prioritisation of future boating investment.

But we can’t do it alone. We have established a Ministerial Boating Roundtable comprised of representatives from across the boating sector to help develop the Strategy. And we will also be working with the boating community to get their expertise, passion and feedback to help inform the Strategy.

As a first step, we will run an online consultation from Friday 29 January – 20 February that seeks to understand what boaters believe are the boating priorities across Victoria. You can take part in this consultation now here: getinvolved.transport.vic.gov.au/rec-boating-strategy

Boat launching at Point Richards boat ramp

Boat launching at Point Richards boat ramp

We’re also planning on running a series of face-to-face drop-in events across regional Victoria in March to test the priorities identified during this consultation in each region. This will be supported by an online survey for those who can’t attend face-to-face sessions. We’ll be releasing more information about these events when it’s available. The results of the face-to-face events and associated survey will be used to develop a draft Victorian Recreational Boating Strategy.

We will then release and seek public feedback on the draft Victorian Recreational Boating Strategy in June and use the results from this online consultation to refine the draft strategy before releasing the first ever Victorian Recreational Boating Strategy when the Better Boating Fund commences in July 2021.

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