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Howqua Inlet Boat Ramp

We’re asking boaters for their input into plans for a new boating facility at Howqua Inlet on Lake Eildon.

The Victorian Recreational Boating Strategy identified the need for a formalised boat ramp for recreational boaters in the Howqua Inlet region of Lake Eildon.

A concept design has now been prepared and we’re encouraging people to have a look at the concept and provide any feedback that may help inform the design.

Click here to view the plans.

Click here to have your say via an online survey.

More information, including FAQs, is available here.

Better Boating Victoria (BBV) is collaborating with Goulburn Murray Water and Mansfield Shire Council to construct a new public boat ramp at Howqua Inlet on Lake Eildon.

There is currently no public boat ramp to access Lake Eildon between the existing boat ramps located at Goughs Bay and Jamieson. The proposed boat ramp will offer a safe and easily accessible option for launching and retrieving at Howqua Inlet.

The project includes the creation of a concrete dual lane ramp providing high water level access, an adjoining apron with enough room for vehicle turnaround and approx. 20 formal car trailer unit parking spaces.  The ramp will be designed to access Lake Eildon at 78% – 100% capacity.

Consultation closes at COB on 25 September 2023.

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